Sample PC

Put a short blub here. Example: A female human with shocking red hair.


Provide a physical description here, in whatever format you like. You can describe anything that can be seen, from hair and eye color to how they like to dress or what weapons they carry. Include as much or as little as you want to share with other players, but try to avoid using class or alignment terms to describe your PC.

Example 1:
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Hair: Red Mowhawk
Eyes: Green
Height: 6’ 3"
Weight: 168 lbs

An additional few lines here, if you want. Or not.

Example 2:

It is hard to decide what is more unusual about this female human: Her brilliant red mohawk, or her great height and unusually broad shoulders. Relaxed in her leather armor, it is clear she is comfortable wearing the longsword hanging at her waist. When she turns her gaze to you, her keen green eyes give lie to her inattentive posture.


Mostly this should be unused. Anything that would go here should come out through RP or be between the DM and player only.

Sample PC

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