Guthbrand stands 6’0" and weighs in at roughly 265 lbs. He is a physically imposing man, immensely strong. His body is not shaped and pretty to behold as some are, instead it is simply mass and muscle from hard and constant work. His build came from swinging his axe, for most men it was a heavy tool, unwieldy and imprecise in there hands. But in Guthbrand’s hands it sang through the air, seemingly as light as a saber. Guthbrand has a hard, flat face, red hair tied in a pony tail, a thick red beard and ice-blue eyes.

Name : Guthbrand
Height: 6’0"
Gender: Male
Weight: 265lbs
Age : 19
Eyes : Ice Blue
Hair : Red Ponytail



Pathfinder: Tales of Tyrthes Goldor